LIKO-Noe: Winner of the Meeting room of the Year in category A healthy office    

Construction start: April 13th, 2015

Construction completed within 27 days on May 10th, 2015

In a record time – within 27 days - a unique project Liko-NOE was completed in the grounds of LIKO-S, Inc. It is the world's prototype of a commercial building which will be using energy derived only from natural resources and thanks to its natural purification system it will also be working individually with water! We are giving back to nature wealth that has been taken by humanity over the past years.

Conception of the development centre

The entire building and its functioning comes out of a concept called NATURAL THERMAL STABILIZATION. This means that it will work entirely with energy obtained from natural sources, whether from solar radiation or cold from underground. However, it avoids, however, the use special machinery.

The building will work independently with water thanks to special root cleaners and cleaning with the help of the wetland facade. The retention lake, which will be a storehouse of water for the entire area of the company, will likewise become an inseparable component.

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